Highlights of the Five New Labour Laws

Highlights of the Five New Labour LawsWe have compiled a simplified book on the New Labour Laws which were enacted into law in the year 2007. The book is meant to assist employers and other interested parties to understand easily the New Labour laws.

The purpose of this book is to provide readers with key highlights of the New labour laws. The relevant and material aspects have been cited and simplified for easy understanding. The commentaries of this Acts vary from some been verbatim extracts.

However, they are not intended to be used as substitute to the original Acts. It is essential for employers and employees to have knowledge on implications of the New Labour Laws.  The book covers the following labour Acts.

1) The Employment Act, No 11 of 2007

2) The Labour Institutions Act, No 12 of 2007
3) The Work Injury Benefits Act, No 13 of 2007
4) The Labour Relations Act, No 14 of 2007
5) The Occupational Safety & Health Act, No 15 of 2007