We offer professional services in debt collection and debt management to enable our clients concentrate on their core business. 

Our specialization is in collection of commercial and consumer debts in Kenya and beyond.

Debt collection to many people is seen an unpleasant and a stressful exercise. It is our cherished duty to collect debts in a professional manner, where extreme care is taken to avoid severing our client’s relationship with their debtors.

Our commitment is focused on improving our client’s cash flow position by reducing the level of bad debts through prompt and effective debt collection services.


We design our collection policy that is tailor-made to suit our client’s needs with our focus being an innovative solution provider.  We simply make sure you will work with an experienced, ethical and professional team of people. Our debt collection operations are as follows:-

(1)   We first arrange for an appointment/meeting with the client to discuss the terms and conditions of the engagement and thereafter sign a debt collection agreement.

(2)   After we receive instructions to collect a debt, we ask our client to provide the following information/data/documents.

(i)       Amount and origin of the debt, together with correspondences exchanged with the debtor.

(ii)     The debtor’s statement of account, L.P.O.s, invoices, delivery notes and other documents relating to the debt.

(iii)   Particulars of the debtors including physical location, address, telephone, email, contact person and other relevant information.

(iv)    Where the client has meager details on the whereabouts of the debtor.  We liaise with service providers viz Telkom, KPLC, NHIF, NSSF etc to avail any relevant information for tracing the debtor.


Our commission rates are reasonable and negotiable. They are based on the size/magnitude, age of the debt and the geographical location of the debtor. The commission rates ranges from 10% and above VAT Exclusive. Our commission earned is based on the actual sums collected. We operate on the principle of “no cure no payment” where we don’t collect we don’t charge. 


Over the years, we have managed to establish ourselves in the market place and we have grown to become a leading provider of debt collection services. 

Our clients are spread in all the sectors.

Our strength lies on the fact that we are specialized in debt collection and we strive to render first class services to our clients coupled with professionalism.


The Company has a dynamic work force composed of well trained and highly skilled staff not to mention a strong financial and administration structure. 

Our staff force comprises of friendly individuals ready to offer free personalized advice while attending to your files and enquiries.


To enhance efficiency, we have secured a professional indemnity cover for Kshs. 1.5m to secure our client’s from civil suit which might arise out of our negligence. 


Metropol Credit Reference Bureau Limited who are licensed by Central Bank of Kenya to provide Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) services have appointed us as their agents and Our Agent Number is 009620.

Our agency with  Metropol Credit Reference Bureau will greatly enhance  our client’s capacity to curb credit risks and thus improve cash flow in business.


(i)       Helping business improve their cash flow position through accelerated debt collection.  This greatly improves liquidity and enables companies to avoid incurring high interest charges on bank overdrafts.

(ii)      Debt collection is done effectively and efficiently, and the client is kept abreast of all the progress.

(iii)    Debt collection procedures are tailored to meet the client’s needs and expectations.

(iv)    Where the client due to one reason or another does not have adequate particulars of the whereabouts of the debtors, we assist in locating the debtor on behalf of the client.

(v)      Our company spares no efforts to collect debts some of which may have been outstanding for a long time whose collection may have been considered very expensive or impractical to collect.

(vi)    We help companies reduce their level of bad debts by accelerating the debt collection process.


We at Cyka are dedicated to be at your service while working as a team and in strict observance of the law.

Please feel free to get in touch with us if you require more details.

contact us today call on 020 5100137/3311548 or mobile 0722 812 620 / 0733 335 633 or send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.